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DAC for music via tablet

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So really I'm a vinyl guy, but I do have a collection of some 800 CDs which I have ripped and stored on a drive connected to a cheap IOTA tablet, which in turn is connected to my hi fi. Sound quality is not bad (I can listen to it) but am thinking of buying a DAC in the £100 range with the hope of improving the sound quality. I'm also looking ahead to the summer/fall when Spotify will be starting CD quality streaming.


Just wondering if any of our members have experience with DACs. At the moment my short list includes


  • Topping D10s
  • SMSL M100 mk2
  • iFi Zen 
  • Dragonfly black


I have no interest in portability or driving headphones - this is solely for use with a tablet connected to a hi fi system


By "improving sound" I mean a more expansive sound stage and better definition. I'm not interested in "enhanced" sound (boosted bass or similar).


Anyone comments on the above items or are there others I should consider in the same price range?





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