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Working with Green Stuff

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Hey all


Does anyone here do stuff with Games Workshop's Green Stuff, also known as Kneadatite which is what GW rebrand?


I've got some that I've had a few years and last night tried to use it but despite using equal amounts of the yellow and blue it didn't seem very soft and malleable when mixed.  Would like to soften it out.  I've heard it can go off over time, so would I be best buying a new load of it?


Thanks in advance.

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It's probably due to age. I stored mine in the fridge for some years before I got rid of it as I got used to other materials. A little heat helps to make it soft. Less of the hardener also helps to make it softer. It also becomes more sticky in the first phase.

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Coincidentally, there is an adjacent post by someone asking the same about Milliput.


You can try this.  Cut of the piece you want to use.  Put in the microwave for a few seconds.  Don’t blast it or you might turn it to liquid, just do it in steps, maybe start with 5 seconds, see what it is like, try another 5 seconds and so on.


If it is very old, you may need to cut out a bit where the blue and yellow join as it has cured a little.





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