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ESK 2000B Gun Camera (4417 & 5133) 1:48 & 1:32

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ESK 2000B Gun Camera (4417 & 5133)

1:48 & 1:32 CMK by Special Hobby




During WWII it was helpful to all combatants to be able to verify claimed kills in order to obtain accurate numbers on enemy attrition, which helped immensely with strategic planning.  They were also used during training to help the novice pilots understand where they were going wrong, and could be strapped to airframes that otherwise couldn’t be used.  The Germans used such devices, which could be mounted internally where there was space, or externally on smaller airframes.  These sets depict the Zeiss ESK 2000B camera, which was mounted in an aerodynamic bullet fairing, and attached to the airframe by a mounting plate.  Due to the limited space available only a small amount of film could be stored in a cartridge within the fairing, so the operation of the mechanism was synchronised with the pilot’s thumb on the trigger in an attempt to catch the action, which didn’t always work out 100% due to the erratic movements in dog-fighting - even in training.


Both sets arrive in the CMK/Special Hobby yellow themed blister pack, with a header card and instructions behind, completing the package.  In the 1:32 set are six resin parts, and in the 1:48 set there are five due to the differences in moulding the two scales.  You will also need some fine wire to lead off into the airframe on an external mounting.  Construction is a piece of cake with the bullet fairing mounting onto the base, and the three tiny parts inserted into their sockets moulded into the sides of the camera.  You can find the location for many of the aircraft that used it with a quick Google, but CMK have included a drawing for the Bf.109E on the instructions for both sets, even down to the location where the control wire enters the wing at a nearby maintenance hatchway.


1:48 ESK 2000B Gun Camera (4417)






1:32 ESK 2000B Gun Camera (5133)







An unusual and interesting addition to any WWII German fighter that is incredibly well-detailed, and starts to add a back-story to your latest project.


Highly recommended.


Review sample courtesy of


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