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Razor saw advice

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The PE ones are the same thickness as a standard PE fret (about 0.2 of a millimetre, at a guess). I have a set floating around somewhere, but I have never used them. I take one glance at the things and know that I would break then in one use. 



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RB Productions did some nice micro saws - but I think there have been issues with supply since the company changed hands.

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Shimomura Alec "Hyper Cut" Saws. You never look back and wondered why you ever use anything different. I use this one here with a 0.1mm blade mainly, but there are quite a number of others available:



In distribution also by Platz:



HLJ, 1999 and Amazon as well as hobby shops world wide (not sure about the UK) sell some Shimomura Alec tools as well.

And once you've seen what other tools they make you stop wanting to buy kits, you just want all those fabulous tools :)



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I saw this saw and extra blades set from Mr Hobby and wondered if anyone had used them and would recommend them.




They look good watching the videos, but at 90 quid for the lot I'd expect them to be something else!

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I have the Hasegawa scribing saws




I paid £10 a couple of years ago, so £18 seems a bit much - perhaps available elsewhere for less


These are only .05mm thick, so useful for scribing. I also use them to cut out control surfaces, flaps etc. so the separation gap is minimal. Of course being so thin, they can easily get bent, so I wouldn't use them for heavy duty cutting!





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They sound good. A quick look suggests they can be bought at a better price, but stock is currently pretty scarce. A few reviews say they're great for removing control surfaces without losing too much material and that's just what I'm wanting to do.

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