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Me 262 A-2a 1/48 Paint masks

Tim K

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I've recently purchased the 1/48, Tamya Me 262 A-2a with the w/Kettenkraftrad. My painting with or with out an airbrush is not up to the standard for painting the camouflage. freehand.

What masks are available to use an airbrush?

Any advice on getting a good representation gratefully accepted!!

Thanks in anticipation


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I don't know if this will be super helpful to you. But I saw a video suggestion from somebody recently. I unfortunately can't find the link but the process they used and I have once now with success so far is.


- Measure out some reference point on your model and on the paint scheme instructions in your manual.

- Scan the paint scheme instructions into you computer

- Using the ratio of your two reference measurements resize the scanned image to match your model (GIMP works well for this and is free)

- Print the resized paint scheme and then cut out the relevant sections needed for the paint mask.

- Trace the cut out you have created onto a properly sized bit of masking tape or sheet and then cut our your tracing.


It definitely not absolutely perfect (nothing like getting the proper premade masks you can but) but it actually worked pretty good for me and its something I will definitely use again in the future. If I stumble across the youtube video I will try to remember to come back here and post it.

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