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Warhammer 40k Space Marine Lieutenant

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Hi all,


I recently wrapped up this mini after spending most of March painting him to a standard I don't paint to. I wanted to push myself and complete a model fit for a display and hopefully I achieved that. I tried NMM (non-metallic metals) for the first time, worked on white armour, OSL, weathering and pigment powders to get to where the mini is now. There is likely more that I can do to push it further, but finished is better than perfect and I am happy with the level I reached. Please feel free to peruse the photos, they are larger if you click on them to get into the details. C&C is appreciated too, of course! :D



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Great job, especially the face,the shading/highlights are very well done! 

Always good to push yourself especially when you get such good results 👍

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that looks amazing! the highlighting on the face is really good. far better than what I could achieve. keep up the good work :D

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