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XP-82 Twin Mustang for sale

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Anybody got 8,665,380 GBP burning a hole in their pocket? The XP-82 Twin Mustang, restored by Tom Reilly, has been put up for sale. It was the result of an incredible eleven-year long labor (labour, UK verskion) of love, time, and money. Wonder who has pockets deep enough for the purchase- the late Paul Allen's aviation organization or possibly our own Texan Rod Lewis? I'm betting nobody wants to chance flying  a one of one airplane; possibly for start ups and/or taxiing from time to time? It is an amazing airplane to see and hear fly, as I remember watching the one the Confederate Air Force used to fly until it was damaged and taken back by the USAF and now on static display at the AFM alongside the record-breaking P-82B 'Betty Jo.'





If you do a search for the XP-82 restoration website, you can see the history of the airplane, its recovery and step by step restoration to an incredible standard.









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