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3D Printed Jigs


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I haven't found any references to using 3D printers to produce modelling aids.  I've been working on a version of the Miniart WWI omnibus for a while now, and those who have attempted it will know that there are many fragile parts.  In the course of handling the model I managed to break the rear grabrail which has a fairly complex shape.




I used my 3D printer to make a bending jig to produce the shape accurately, and after a few trials with copper wire:



I made the final part in brass and attached it to the model:


Since then I have made a jig to accurately reproduce a number of identical brackets:


A jig for filing an accurate groove in a 3D-printed dome light fitting:




And various drilling, shaping and assembly jigs:


I hope that this post provides some useful inspiration, I'm sure that forum members will come up with many imaginative and useful solutions!


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Saw this post, and thought of a simple jig I made last night - for building Sherman tank tracks.



The white thing in the photo above - the design is very simple




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