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MDF Scaled Down #11 - The A-6 Intruder (9781999661687) Including KA-6D, EA-6A & EA-6b MA Publications

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MDF Scaled Down #11 - The A-6 Intruder (9781999661687)

Including KA-6D, EA-6A & EA-6b

MA Publications




The Intruder was the eventual replacement for the successful and long-lived Skyraider (as was the A-4), and was unusual in having a side-by-side cockpit arrangement for the pilots, which meant a wide nose that became well known due to its involvement in operations and deployments around the world. Entering service in 1963 in the Vietnam war, it performed all-weather and night attack missions extensively throughout the conflict for the US Navy and the Marines, it had a long service life that was ended prematurely by the need to cut costs after the Gulf War.

The A variant was the first into service, and incorporated some leading edge systems to enable it to fly low over terrain with little to no visibility. Due to the complexity of the systems, it was also equipped with a self-diagnosis system that could be used to test and report faults from within the aircraft without costly and time-consuming strip-downs, thus saving many hours in the hangar. The following variants showed the versatility of the airframe from buddy-buddy refueller to electronic warfare in the EA-6 Prowler, but the definitive variant is considered to be the later E, which was upgraded in the 70s with the TRAM (Target Recognition and Attack Multi-Sensor) turret that allowed it to drop laser guided munitions, further extending its usefulness. The Prowler was the last Intruder based airframe to be drawn down in 2009 and was replaced by the EA-18G Growler that took over electronic warfare duties..




This book is the 11th in the Modeller’s Datafile Scaledown series, and arrives as a perfect-bound A4+ book in portrait format with 96 pages within the card cover.  If you’re familiar with the series, you’ll know the content is split between the real aircraft and modelling them, but here’s a more thorough breakdown:



Chapter I

Design & Development - Birth of a Bomb Truck

Chapter II

Later Models - and specialised variants

Chapter III

The EA-6A Intruder - Early Electronic Warriors

Chapter IV

Beam Riders - The EA-6B Prowler


Colour Side Views

Four pages of colour side profiles of various types and operators


Modelling the A6 and EA-6

  • Desert Strom Intruder - 1:48 Kinetic A-6E (Hong-Hwan Jang)
  • Iron Works Bomber - 1:48 Kinetic A-6E (James Ashton)
  • Flight of the Intruder - 1:48 Hobby Boss (Brian Wakeman)
  • Green Machine - 1/72 Tamiya (Mike Williams)
  • Jammin' Wizards - 1/48 Kinetic EA-6B (James Ashton)
  • Scorpion on Deck - 1/48 Kinetic EA-6B (Hyun Soo Kim)


Appendix I - Walkarounds

  • A-6 Intruder
  • EA-6B 160437 VAQ-142

Appendix II - Technical Diagrams

6 pages with pictures

Appendix III - Intruder and Prowler Squadrons

2 pages of Squadron Details

Appendix IV - A-6 Intruder General Characteristics

2 Pages of technical information.

Appendix V - Kitography

Available accessories, kits & decals at time of writing


2 Pages of 1/72 A-6 Palnsa, and 2 pages of 1/72 EA-6B Plans





There is a lot of text on the type during the first half of the book that cover the airframe beginning through prototype, the initial in-service details, followed by the subsequent upgrades to capabilities. After the discussion of the airframe comes 12 pages of side profiles of various marks and operators with some varied schemes on display, including camouflage for desert and special schemes, plus the ever-present grey jets.  The modelling side of the book begins now, and extends to six builds of mostly 1:48 Kinetic kits, and a 1:72 Tamiya kit for a little variation, that are carried out by various modellers, the names of whom you can see in brackets in the list above.  There are lots of different modelling techniques on display to accomplish the sometimes weathered looks carrier based aircraft acquired, with plenty of pictures and text to guide us along, we can all learn something from the builds here. 




The next section consists of a number of walk around photos printed on a cream background that shows the airframes in close-up detail, all of which is grist for the mill for us modellers, and includes some nice photos of the landing gear, airframe and sensors all in suitable sizes, strangely no credits to the photographers are included here?




The final section is the Kitography, which I’ve always felt is a tiny bit redundant as things change so quickly in our hobby, as we now have helpful sites like Scalemates that are updated constantly.  It’s only three pages though, so nothing to fret about if that’s not your thing.



It’s a good reference for the A-6 and later EA-6, and is a handy one-stop source of information for anyone wanting to improve their knowledge of the type.  There is a lot of information within and a lot of excellent photos in full colour, which one of the bonuses of a book about a modern fast jet over a WWII type.  Well worth a read, and it will be good source of reference down the line.


Highly recommended.




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