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We're having to increase our prices...

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When we started trading in April 2015, we continued using White Ensign Models’ pricing for Colourcoats on a “suck it and see” basis having built up the cost to do business from the ground up also. I knew that WEM was painfully inefficient cost-wise so it wasn’t hard to find savings.


In the six years since, we’ve absorbed six increases in the cost of the materials to make paint. We have had to find a new source of metal tins after the original type became unavailable in quantities we could afford or store, and the replacements are 40% more expensive than the last.


It is regrettable therefore, that this sixth increase in paint material costs tips us over an edge now and we are forced to reflect some of these increases in cost in our retail pricing. Pricing of all fast selling paints shall increase to £3.00 per 14ml tin including VAT and all fresh stocks shall also be priced thus. Slow selling paints shall remain at £2.50 per 14ml tin then either updated to £3.00 upon restock or discontinued as we see fit.


Thank you for your understanding.



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Well if it has to be done. You can paint quite a lot with a £3 tin so in the overall cost of this hobby it's still not a bad price for good quality paint.


As for the high cost of the tins now, it would be nice to get away from them and move to a bottle, plastic or glass, as the tin are not the easiest things to use, but I'm guessing they would be more expensive?

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