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Eduard 1/72 Hellcat Mk.I / Mk.II Dual Combo

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Two for the price of one! Fresh off the bench are both kits from the Eduard 1/72 Hellcat Mk.I and Mk.II Dual Combo.


The Eduard boxing comes with plenty of cockpit PE and a masking set, which worked fantastically.

Both models were built OOB.

I rushed the weathering just to get them finished. I really need to learn to slow down for this final phase, but the longer they stay on the bench the bigger the backlog gets.


CC welcome.
























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A very nice pair of Hellcats. The weathering looks good to me. I love this kit. I built it when it was 1st released. The absolutely best fitting model I've ever worked on. 

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A lovely pair - I've got the 1:48 Dual Combo waiting in the wings. I'm also planning to do JV131 and will be very happy if it turns out half as well as yours! Cracking work,





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They look great from here.  😎  Love these kits!


I too know the heartbreak of dithering and procrastination re. weathering and calling it done; there's an Eduard Hellcat presently staring me down wondering why I've yet to post her RFI.  🙁

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