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Color of the early U.S. Mail planes?

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I have a question - I know a bit strange, but I can not find information about it in any book or on websites.

Are U.S. Mail airplanes around 1920 have some common, fixed color of painting or, however, planes were in their natural paintings, given by the manufacturer?
If the color was specified - what exactly?

Health for everyone ...

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I know there's a restored DH-4M flying in Robertson air mail markings with a fetching scheme of scarlet fuselage and silver wings.

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Thanks, gentlemen.

As I thought - probably there was no one, a particular color painting of postal aircraft in early years (ie until 1925). Because in 1925, the United States Congress passed that Federal Mail could choose the arbitrary commercial suppliers (different on different lines), so after 1925 it was definitely not possible to unify painting.

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