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Canadian Armored MG Carrier CSM 1/35

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A few days ago I bought this model. It is a model of the interesting armoured vehicle. Models made by CSM are not only interesting, but easy to building.











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I've heard plenty of good things about CSM kits so it will be interesting to see how this unusual vehicle builds. Good luck with your project.ūüĎć

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Hello Stef N.  Everything you have heard about CSM kits is true. These kits are good quality and easy to build. Here is a small progress.












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Great start. Looks like it is going together well.


CSM certainly produce kits of interesting subjects, have built the Lanchester and have a number of the others in the stash.


will e following with interest.

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I am in the same situation like you, I have built Lanchester and have a number of the others in the stash.  When I saw model of the Canadian vehicle, it was must have and must build.


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thats a brilliant looking kit.... cant wait to see more of the build 

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12 hours ago, Geo1966 said:

A strange looking beast to put it mindly. Will follow with interest.

Seconded, really strange vehicle, but looks very interesting.

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I started painting proces. In the first tme, I used Mr. Surfacer 1500 grey. After it dried, I used Khaki Green No. 3 from Hataka paint set. I mixed this color with four drops of trafic yellow, from the same producer. To get a little bit lighter tone of this color.














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Today,I progressed a bit, I decently indicated the abrasion of the wooden parts of the internal structure. I glued some parts and prepared other parts for painting.



















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I am slowly continuing to paint the exterior of the model. Based on Mr. I sprayed Surfacer 1500, then I sprayed HATAKA dark green No. 4, which I then brightened by adding yellow. I sprayed the centers of large fields with this paint to optically break their uniformity.



















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I added some details, then  painted them a little. And  sprayed model with glossy varnish, as a base under the decals.






















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I know it's a bit late in the day but the colour concerns me.  Is there any hard evidence for the colour of the Autocars, or that Cananda followed - or did not - UK practice in WW1?


The generally accepted colour for British vehicles of the WW1 era is Service Colour, AKA Service Brown.  From the paint mixing recipe in the Handbook For Artificers this has very similar pigmentation to the WW2 SCC2 brown.  Indeed it has been said by Dick Taylor in his Warpaint book series to be something like SCC2 brown.  Mike Starmer believes it to be like SCC2 with a touch more green.  In a period memoir it is described as resembling "pig slop".


The US Olive Drab colour of the period was definitely a brown shade.  The recipe for that contains only Ochre and white pigments, unlike the WW2 era Ochre and black OD.


There is a recipe for a green in the Handbook, although its use is undocumented AFAIK.  The pigments here suggest a colour more like the early WW2 Khaki Green 3.  In WW1 as in WW2 Chromium pigments for strong green paints were in very short supply (which is why the Green 3/G4 scheme was abandoned in favour of SCC2 brown in mid 1942).  So a green like G4 would have been pretty much impossible to produce in WW1.

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Oh god, there is mistake. They say, better late than never. As for coloring, I believed that the model producer had this thing discovered. That's why I used green. I see that everything was different in the end. I know from my childhood that British aircraft in the First World War were painted brown, which later acquired a green tinge due to the weather. I completely forgot about that fact. I will finish the model as it is and I will remember it next time. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of this topic with me.

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I sprayed model  with matt varnish. I also used a red filter spray to give the colors a brown tinge.















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WW1 colours are a tangled subject that comes up a lot.  Manufacturers' research is often sadly lacking or is based on preserved vehicles.  There is a common assumption that WW1 military kit was green when in fact very little of it in any army actually was.


As for the Autocars, I'm not certain that anyone actually knows what colour they were and the surviving vehicle is certainly not original colour.  Monochrome photos don't tell us colour, only shade.  It's not impossible that they were a shade of green, but it seems highly unlikely from what we do know.


On the bright side, if no-one knows for certain what is correct then equally no-one knows for certain what is incorrect.

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Hello Mr.Das Abteilung, I'm going  to build on the Lanchester "Russian Service" model, could you kindly recommend me which colorI have  to use? Whether recommended Moss Green or S.C.C. 2   Brown or Khaki ? I will take your recommendation, because you are a real expert in the subject.






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Lovely work on this Milan, I really like the detail on this kit, it looks fabulous, paintwork looks great ...ūüĎć


By the way I really like the look of the Lanchester, I was thinking of getting that one myself



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I certainly wouldn't claim to be any kind of expert.  I just did a bit of digging around for some WW1 models of my own.  All this information is out there.


The Russian Lanchester question, while off-topic, is a troublesome one.  These cars would have been grey when sold to Russia, but the Russians of course later modified the turrets as in this kit with the cupola and Hotchkiss gun.  That would have required some repainting.  In period photos the cars are always lighter in tone than the uniforms of soldiers around them, which suggests to me that they remained grey - at least until Russia and Germany made peace after the Revolution.

These cars and the surviving RNACEF cars left behind in Russia when this unit withdrew after that armistice served with Red forces after the Revolutionary civil war ended and so might have ended up another colour later.  Some of the ex-RNACEF cars might also later have been converted with the Hotchkiss gun.  As a very general rule, photos showing cars marked with the cockade (roundel) are wartime and those without it are post-war.  I believe that marking continued to be used by White forces during the civil war and after the war the renewed availability of Chromium pigments means they might have become green.  Even so, the cars without the cockade marking still appear lighter than uniforms. 


All the Lanchesters ended up in Russia one way or another, although some sources suggest that 3 did not: potentially these might have been stripped for spares to support the RNACEF deployment.  There is a picture of 3 supposedly in a shed at Wormwood Scrubs and clearly missing bits.  The original CSM kit is also appropriate for Russian use pre-conversion or for an ex-RNACEF car post-Revolution.

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