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More armoured cars on the way from CSM

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Copper State Models have just put up a road map for their planned 1/35 armoured car releases for the next couple of years on their FB page. Some very intersting choices, and some gaps in the list still to be revealed. On top of that, they've also announced a new 1/72 line for ACs starting with the Lancia 1ZM. Hopefully we'll see the Lanchester and Romfell in that scale too.


1/35 Line
35007 Italian Armoured Car 1ZM WW2 service
35008 Garford Putilov Armoured Truck
35009 Erhard Armoured truck
35010 Krupp-Schuman Armoured mobile guns, model 1899 w/57mm
35011 Italian Armoured Car 1Z (twin turret)
35012 Renault 1914 Armoured Car
35015 Kings USMC Armoured Car
35018 Fiat-Terni Tripoli


1/72 line
72001 - Italian Armoured Car 1ZM
72002 -


Seems like a great time to be an early era armoured car modeller.



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