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Removing Canopy Scuffs & 'Klear' Dipping


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I suspect many will already know this but it may be of some help to those who don't.


I managed to get a couple of minor scuff marks on my Airfix A6M2 Zero canopy whilst removing it from its sprue and as the canopy on this kit is rather prominent I was a little annoyed at the prospect of having to wait for a replacement from Airfix. However after a good rub with Pledge using a small pointed cotton bud the marks were slowly polished off so I can now continue with the build as planned with a clear canopy again. Obviously this will not remove deeper scratches but it seems to work really well as a fine/final polisher for clear parts.


With this canopy I've also decided not to dip it in Klear (or similar) simply because the stuff is very hard to remove once applied and if it then gets a minor scuff mark Pledge or similar cannot be used to restore it, the only method being to remove the 'Klear' completely at the risk of then damaging and/or fogging the plastic. I suppose the best answer is not to scuff the canopy in the first place but such accidents can happen quite easily. Also as I no longer use CA to fix canopies preferring G-S Hypo instead, which doesn't cause frosting of clear parts, I no longer need 'Klear' to stop this happening.





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Hi Colin I wonder if you can help me. A few days ago on my classic airframes Canberra kits canopy I found a white mark in the canopy so I decided to use wet and dry 400 grit sand paper to get the mark out. I then gradually went up to 1500 grit but I'm not sure what I can do to make the canopy clear again. I do have higher grits of sand paper that go up to 10000 grit but im wonder will they help or make the canopy worse? 


Classic Airframes Canberra B1 conversion build VN799



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What i do is polish with as fine sandpaper /wet n dry as possible then use some ordinary toothpaste with your fingers for a final polish. Then dip the canopy in Johnsons Clear / Klear floor polish...should come up a treat when dry

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1 hour ago, Pete in Lincs said:

Cheap toothpaste and a soft cloth. Or even T Cut if you have it. That should do the trick

Thank you that has worked a absolute treat the toothpaste one. It looks almost perfect 

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