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1/32 Kitty Hawk T-6 Texan. Cockpit progressed, onto engine

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Hi Guys.

This is my entry, and should be arriving shortly.

Found a review of the kit, here. on britmodeller. 



Going to try:


If my skills allow



See below, but if used, probably the brazillian red/white/blue scheme



New thing to try.


I'm not certain on the colour scheme yet, as I've just seen a download of the instructions, and one in particular is sparking a interest

This will be my second aircraft in many, many years. First was a 1/48 helo, so be gentle with me.

I'm sure to have many questions to ask, and will take much knowledge from the other builds.


Good luck to everyone




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O wow, I look forward to this! I have the kittyhawk kit as well and am awaiting Freightdog to release a Harvard MkIIb conversion kit due out soon.

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Welcome to the GB.


Such a fantastic choice of subject, that would make up into a mighty impressive and attractive model, looking forward to seeing how this one comes out.


Good luck with your build.

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This will be very cool indeed.  Big too!  Lots of room for detail.  Those markings are very snazzy too.

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Well still no kit, so started on the PE flaps, fiddly blighters.

Lots of supporting ribs that require careful handling while aligning them, still working on a good way to fix them, and may even try soldering (on a spares box item).

I'll post a few pic's tomorrow, as there are 6 pieces to make up.


Wish me Luck


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Hi Guys.

Well my Kits finally arrived, and looks impressive at first look.



Standard box top






Usual sprue shots, and a bottle of tamiya paint for size comparison. Canopy came in its own box to protect it.

Last sprue shot is the weapons provided. Looks like it can take a fairly large load.



This is the paint scheme I'm tempted to go for, hadn't seen the underside until recently, and quite like it.

But that may change depending if I load her up with many weapons



For the wife to say thanks, hehe


Any requests for close ups, or other kit details can be sorted.

Well, Better get started


Cheers for looking



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Started yesterday, not much progress to show, but its a start.



Cockpit floor. I decided on the round control column (standard style is provided in the box), as I think it makes it more interesting.

So thats the first 5 pieces assembled,



The seats. I've seen different styles on some of the other kits, but this is what KH provide.

First problem encountered, the Bar along the rear frame has been replaced with brass rod, as the kit parts snapped while trying to remove from the sprue. no problem but annoying all the same.

Second problem, and really annoying. No instructions for the seat harness securing points, not even a locating point.

So guess work has been employed, as these seats appear to have been for a pilot worn parachute, I've placed them where I think they should go.

They have a nice finish to them (detail wise), and bent around the seat body nicely.


I'll progress the cockpit more today, and may even start splashing paint around, although I'm torn between which cockpit green to use.


Cheers for looking


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On 4/4/2021 at 11:36 PM, diases said:

may even try soldering

That's tricky from what I hear, but do-able.  Ask @Heather Kay about that.  She has lots fo experience.

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Interesting to see the sprues, I see it has the correct gun pods and T-10 rockets for a version Française...   ...interesting.  :hmmm:

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On 4/11/2021 at 8:09 AM, Wez said:

I see it has the correct gun pods and T-10 rockets for a version Française...   ...interesting.

 Very interesting :) 

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Hi Guys.

Well, work trip over, and next one is approx middle of June.

Time to crack on with this. Hoping to get the cockpit assembly sorted this week.

Good to see everybody else's progress, and even some complete models.




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Back to modelling..  Woohoo, so much better than a day job.


Cracked on with the cockpit.






Pretty straight forward so far. Everything seems to fit together well and quite robust.

Still have a few bits to add from the kit, but enormous potential to add detail if so desired.


Improvements over Kit Parts.

A nice IP upgrade over the Kits decal/raised detail option. In fact, all switch panels are finely detailed, but as I have brush painted, most is lost, or very faint. But a more skilful modeller would make a better job of them.

Kit instructions give little paint colour detail, so google is really your friend for the many controls.

Seat belts are OK, but a more detailed after market set could make a big impression.


Planning to add plenty of wear to the seat edge's and rub points, and some subtle weathering once everything's together.


Next stage will be the engine, with it's many paint stages.

Wish me luck

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  • diases changed the title to 1/32 Kitty Hawk T-6 Texan. Cockpit progressed, onto engine

Hi Guys, been a quiet week on the GB generally, so thought I'd put up a bit of progress.


First up, cockpit assembly is nearly complete.




Few bits left to paint, but basically done.

The support (?) between the seats is not glued yet, as it looks likely to get damaged while fitting the cockpit to the airframe. It only slides into slots so will be easy to put in place later (famous last words).


Next up is the engine.




First up is the cylinder's. Only 3 parts (+2 to add) but much painting of different metallic colours. I probably took a bit of artistic licence with my choices, but as the finished scheme is a show aircraft, I have gone for it.

Instructions call out silver for everything but the blue centre. But I have experimented with Vallejo Metal Colour, brush painted, on the cylinders and outer cases. took a couple of coats, but I'm happy with the results.

I may oil it up a bit once installed, as It's quite visible on the finished plane.

Back panel is semi gloss Black instead of the instruction Flat black.

2 small items to add, but they will be the same metallic blue as the centre casing.


Next is the Exhaust manifold assembly.





I wanted the longer exhaust and its a easy choice in the instructions. So far so good.

Then it gets awkward. there are no locating points on the cowling assembly, so you have to balance everything while fitting the 9 legged section in the middle.

This section has a keyway to connect into the rear of the cylinder assembly, but no indication in the instructions as to which position it's supposed to sit.

I think I have it correctly positioned, but will need to build everything up and offer it into the airframe to be certain. If it's wrong, I'll just file off the keyway so it can rotate to the correct position.

So once these are together, the curved cover is fitted, which located the exhaust correctly. I glued this in stages, as it's easy to misalign.

I have work to do on the final exhaust colouring, but I have a plan which I think should work.


Finally for this week, I've masked up the cockpit Glass house, but I think it will be a while before it see's paint.


Cheers for looking


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Hi Guys, glad to see people progressing, or even starting projects.


Made progress this week, and thought a update seems appropriate







So main fuselage is together, and engine cowl installed.

Engine cowl needed a bit of carving for the longer exhaust, but there is a guide mark moulded into the plastic. its made of 4 pieces and needs a bit more cleanup before I'll be happy with it.

I could not get the exhaust ring to sit nicely into the front fuselage recess, so much careful sanding later, I managed a happy compromise.

I will admit defeat on having the cockpit/engine as one unit. I just couldnt find a happy position, so they are separate. In the end, nothing is visible from that area anyway.

Cockpit appears cockeyed, but there is a slight bow in the port side which will be sorted out.




Rear end assembled with no problems, still have some etch to add, for added detail.




Wing centre section fitted, Some minor sanding required, but the fit is good.

I have persisted with the Eduard flaps. They are delicate beasts, and after my first soldering attempt messed up (left side of photo) nearly bin'ed them. But as this section is underneath thought I'd carry on.

Still need to tidy them up to get it sitting nicely and even across the trailing edge.

Next up will be the PE wheel well wall covers and a splash of paint.


That will be the fuselage mostly complete, and can then prime it.

The colour scheme will need mucho masking, for the blue and white, and hoping to get this started later this weekend.


Cheers for looking


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