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Hello to all you Britmodellers out there

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Hello folks please allow me to introduce myself…………….


I’m Mark from Bristol, UK and like so many other BMers am returning to modelling after many years in the wilderness (Marriage, Kids, houses etc). I’m merely a couple of years into my Fifties so kids have grown up, career matured nicely, financially comfortable and a few years before grandchildren arrive, a golden time to renew my interest.


Obviously my first action was to get online and buy loads of new stuff (Lockdown still on so no LHS visits - mine is Antics in Brizzle). After an online frenzy, I now have a new H&S Airbrush, re-stocked tool box, tonnes of Vallejo paints (wish I read all the posts before buying these !) and of course some new kits to add to the already loft bursting stash.


My modelling interests centre around 1/48 aircraft in general, anything Bristol built or powered , UK FAA & RAF in particular, but I do have a strange and inexplicable desire for WW1 biplanes although scared to tackle one.


Just to prove I have actually built something before, here are the only builds I have completed since my much younger days, all from around 10 years ago and resurrected from the loft recently (Sorry Mobile phone pics). Clearly I was experimenting with post shading, something I have completely forgotten and will have to relearn. (ps that special weathering technique is called loft dust, cant seem to remove it, on the plus side after 10 ish years no yellowing !)


Next steps; test the new airbrush, understand how to use the vast amount of Vallejo paints I now own and of course start a kit – 1/48 Airfix Hurricane MK1 trop.


I’ll be back…………………













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Hello Mark ... :post1: from the great city of Chicago USA, Im mostly aircraft here. Ive used Vallejo and Ammo by Mig acrylics without much issues but you definitely need an A/B with at least a .35 needle or larger. Ask me how I know. 🤬 They do definitely have a shelf life and Ive learned that the hard way, again ask me how I know. 🤬 But my go to paints currently are lacquers, Tamiya and Gunze Mr. Hobby. Only because I cant get enamels locally. 


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Nicely nice aircraft, love  the finish you got.


Vallejo sprays well with my H&S Ultra and a dash of thinners or Tamiya thinners, you will have to experiment but at least you wont be filling your room with smelly stuff that can rouse ire in passing family.


Oh arr, welcome aboard with us loonies.


And the normal types...

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Thanks for the welcome folks.

Just started my Airfix Hurricane Mk.1 Tropical build, although need to get my new Airbrush sorted and work commitments see me overseas until June.

Will start a WIP thread when I get back.



Had the first test firing of my new H&S Evolution CR+ (yep 0.4mm needle) a few days ago - not successful.

I'm using Model Air + Vallejo thinner + Liquitex slow-dri, think paint too thick and clearly not sprayable straight from bottle as claimed by Vallejo.

As you say need to experiment to understand what consistency will work best, even my old Badger 200 struggled.


One thought, any benefit in backing the needle out of the needle chuck a little ?

When I changed the needles over pushed the 0.4mm one in as far as it would go before locking retaining screw, if I back it out a little this will surely effectively increase min gap a little.


BTW bought a cheap Chinese extractor from Amazon and it seems to work well enough, so even if I struggle with Vallejo can revert back to Tamiya / Gunze without fumigating the family !

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Hmm an 0.4 needle might be a bit big, I have two (greedy me but I like to swap colours quickly and the Ultra is very easy to deal with after my old Chinese Aerograph copies) H&S Ultras which have .15 and .2 needle and nozzles respectively.


At about £15 for a smaller nozzle it might be worth a punt, very pleased with mine.


They are very happy with Model Air undiluted but I have taken to adding a small mixing ball into each little bottle to assist mixing, might be an idea.


But as we always say practise is best.


I use the flow extenders only occasionally and often use IPA as a thinning medium.


But as we always say.....


Anyway, settle in and ask anything you like, we never bite for genuine "what to do" situations.

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