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Gremlin Task Force and Armee de l'Air japanese planes

Egi vandor

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Hello all!


I plan to build 1/72 L2D-3 Tabby and Ki-21 Sally for my French Indochina collection. Now i collect information about their service with GTF and Armee de l'Air and i have some questions.

According to Avions magazine No 078, one L2D-3 served with GT I/34 and it was one of ex-GTF planes (№27 - Fanny's Frolic). In Aero Journal No 14 was good article about final of it's career, and this photo was added:


It corresponds to this source - http://www.aviationofjapan.com/2013/05/the-gremlin-task-force-part-1.html

According to this blog, Fanny's Frolic was painted white over natural metal and had SEAC markings over green surrender crosses, later Armee de l'Air roundels were added.


Osprey's book Wings of the Rising Sun says that "No fewer than seven L2D2s were also flown by the Armee de l'Air's Groupe de transport I/34... ". In book "Japanese aircraft in foreign service vol. 1" we may see this photo:



This Tabby wears french roundels and also number 27 on vertical tail. Looks like two different planes served in Armee de l'Air and had same number. Could it be so?

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