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Bf 109 F-2 Revell (Zvezda) 1/72

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Hi all,


To counter a few stalled builds that are awaiting paints or decals to arrive, i wanted to build something quick and fun.


It doesn't really fit my collection but this kit seemed quick and fun to build.


Revell can be a bit of hit and miss, you might find a state or the art kit or something from the 70's. in this case it's a fairly new re-box of a Zvezda kit, and the engineering is superb, mostly snap fit, yet pretty well detailed!


There is a lovely 3 piece pilot and and option for folded gear that actually looks rather convincing (wheel well detail was rather good but one has to make tough choices)


Overall a very nice stress free build. It's held airborne by a length of cloth hanger wire, yet it still needs a better base.

After messing around with stretched sprue and elastic wire, one of my own hairs turned out to be the ideal antenna wire.


It's not perfect but it paints the overall picture and most importantly, i had fun building and painting it!


Anyway, here are some beauty shots in the sky's over my backyard :)



IMG_20210328_190946 IMG_20210329_192416 20210328_225720-COLLAGE IMG_20210329_175456



IMG_20210329_175525 IMG_20210329_192823 IMG_20210329_192431 IMG_20210328_191511


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