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A Couple of Gals - Two Revell B-17Gs


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Fingers crossed Ced, and hope that mojo gets itself sorted eventually. Mine has been on and off all through the last 18 months.


My Daughters partner tested Covid positive last week. He's double jabbed and in his early 40's. Says he feels like he has a cold, and has spent his isolation supping beer in the garden..... so far so good with that one!


We are all being pretty cautious still also. Whenever we see family and grandchildren now, they all do the Rapid Antigen Test before coming to see us. Just a safeguard really even though that's not 100%. We are both double jabbed and enjoy reasonable health.



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So, we're hoping for a negative positive? :confused:

My fingers are crossed that it will turn out well for you, Ced. 

Earlier today I thought that there aren't enough f'nars around here nowadays. Something needs to be done! 

Any thread that doesn't include at least one f'nar (or equivalent) should be taxed! Bring back the sillyness!

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9 hours ago, roginoz said:

Double jabbed, you should be ok, but now, with the talk of booster shots, I wonder what length of time is being talked about.

Here in the States unless you're seriously Immunocompromised (Cancer,Aids,etc) theyre telling us boosters at 6-8 months from second shot. For me thats December so x’ing 🤞🏻fingers. Though Ive had it and the double jab so should be pretty safe myself. 

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Either way Mr B I’m sure you’ll be fine. Being jabbed means you’re less likely to get seriously ill and hospitalised so the odds are in your favour. 🙌 Regardless I’m wishing you well whatever the outcome. The mojo will return, I think running so hot and fast over the years has caught up with you dear boy. Did you decant some “CEDMOJO” at some point for later use? Maybe it’s in a Tamiya pot in the back of a drawer? 😀


Take care sir.



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Perhaps the ‘ pingdemic ‘ has  struck again Ced. SWMBO’s cousin who lives in Putney went to see someone in a home last Thursday and had a Covid test with a negative result and yesterday she was pinged! She is not a happy bunny.


Fingers and toes crossed.



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  • 4 weeks later...

Wow, sorry guys, it's been a month since my last post!! Mojo is still non-existent and life is getting in the way. Time for an update on the life bit… 

I have tried posting several times but, with low mojo, the 500 error I inevitably faced knocked the wind out of me. I persevered this time and waited.


Thanks all for your concern but no need - the COVID test was negative of course so no worries there.


I've also done a first aid course, required for the Scout shooting thing. All socially distanced where possible. Good course. When we got to 'choking' we lined up and the person behind us then practiced. After the 'cough five times' and five slaps between the shoulder blades the last resort - the 'abdominal thrust', or Heimlich manoeuvre for us oldies. Instructions? Stand behind the patient and wrap your arms around them, make a fist and place it in the soft part of the stomach. Anyone see a problem?





Yep. Big stomach, short arms! I has warned her that finding the RIGHT soft part of my stomach was going to be hard too.

For the sake of readers' safety the answer is to put them against a wall and 'punch them in the stomach':





Trust. It's all about trust.


I also discovered Happy-plast, an amazing bandage that sticks to itself but NOT to anything else! Stretchy too. Must be useful for something, like joining fuselages? Oh, and for dressing wounds too, apparently.


We've had our Flu jabs. As usual that, for me, was a couple of days of low-energy snuffling.


Last week Dinner at a friend's club in Henley. Petrol crisis, what crisis? Nothing in Bath and then a friend said 'they always have fuel on the motorways to prevent them clogging up with cars that have run out'. He was right of course. Filled up at the first service station. £1.54 per litre! Gulp.

Black tie, food and wine. We closed the bar. Of course I had a hangover - for a couple of days!! As my mate said "I remember when we used to do that all week at conferences". Getting old, that's what it is. (Oi, who said 'getting?')


Girls have been down too, one each weekend so lots of family stuff going on. Away next weekend for Otto AND Sophie's birthdays. Hectic.


Off to Italy for the wedding at the end of the month. Flying from London City on the 21st, two nights in Florence, two nights in Sienna and then three days celebration near Assisi. Should be good.


What's that? I have to do a speech? Oh good grief…



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Nice to hear from you Ced, good to hear from you!


As for the Heimlich manoeuvre, are you sure it wasn't the red life jacket you were wearing that wasn't the problem?


It sounds like you remembered to arrange the Italian trip after SMW, if you're going, that is. Good planning!

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Good to hear you Ced, don`t worry about the mojo thing, I am suffering similar mate.

And we have a wedding to go to in November, our son`s but not as scenic as Italy, Southampton to precise.


Stay safe.



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I’ve having trouble posting lately but pleased to say this one worked first time, so glad to hear from you again. I hope the mojo re-surfaces soon, when you find it tell me where it went because mine has disappeared too.




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19 hours ago, CedB said:

finding the RIGHT soft part of my stomach was going to be hard too.

I sincerely hope that only your stomach was " going to be hard"............

And I bet you enjoyed every minute of it !!

Great to see you're back.....and front ! You've got a hectic social life lined up for the next few weeks.


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On 10/10/2021 at 12:21 PM, CedB said:

Oh good grief…

Sounds like Snoopy.....

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  • 1 month later...
  • 4 months later...

Hello? Anyone there? It’s been a while…


Thanks John, Rob and Geoff for the encouragement :)

Col Walter don't worry, we mostly miss. Mostly.


So, the last post I made that had any modelling in it was 25th July when I masked the prop tips, then August 18th when I stuck the PE on the wings of Jim’s kit.


COVID scare in September when we met the daughter for lunch at Northleach. Negative. Phew. I didn’t tell you about the trip but the pub there is great. We were having a nice lunch in the garden when a noisy exhaust started and a red spoiler appeared over the wall. Pah I thought, boy racer. Well it wasn’t, it was this:



Ferrari F40


Nice car if the cockpit is a little basic. Only two seats too. If you fancy one there are some on the web for, oooh, about £2,000,000!! Yikes.


First Aid course in October was posted.


Then… nothing. So what have I been up to? (Opens Calendar app).


Still been doing my Masonic thing, Interviewing Scout volunteers, Scout shooting and the Police Independent Advisory Group but they’re all once a month or less so no excuse there.


Then the wedding. I think I told you my youngest wanted to get married in July in Assisi. Can you see why?




COVID delayed the wedding more than once so she got married in Bath in July with a small gathering and then we were off to Italy in October for the wedding. Monday to Wednesday event. Hmmm. Booked an Easy Jet flight from Bristol; out on Friday, back on Wednesday. They cancelled the Wednesday flight. OK, let’s make a break of it and go Friday to Friday. Then they cancelled the Friday flights. I guess you get what you pay for. In the end we flew BA from City Airport (a delight), had two nights in Florence and two nights in Sienna before ‘the do’. A great time was had by all, thank goodness.


Had my feet tested in November. I’ve had clicky ankles for years and a weak SI which, of late, gives me gyp in my hip and knee if I walk more than a couple of miles or so. Off to the quack to get a referral and saw an ankle specialist who diagnosed flat feet! Apparently old people get this. Fancy tests (3D scan) and custom inserts seems to have helped a bit. We shall see.


Our lodge collected for some new night-vision goggles for the Air Ambulance and I went along to see what they were all about


52049940451_63ce53b162.jpg 52049941226_36569ae893.jpg


The helicopter was out when we got there so we got to go in the Ops room; impressive! Then it came back so lots of piccies. Great trip. I’m very lucky.


December - Christmas and all the fun!


January - rest.


In February younger daughter finally moved into their new house so several weekends lost in moving stuff. Nice to see her settled in a nice house.


Storms. I’m pretty relaxed nowadays but in the first we lost a bit of gutter and after the second I found a tile in the drive. The gutter is over an extension so they wouldn't fix it without scaffold. Pussies. You guessed it, £150 for the cast-iron gutter and £750 for scaffolding and labour. Ouch. So when I found the tile in the drive I hung out of windows and couldn't see where it had come from. Aha! I have a drone!




My AR Drone 2. Had it for years. So many years in fact that the batteries hold enough charge for about 2 minutes flight. And the software is too old for my iPad. Rats. So, find another drone:





DJI Mini SE for far less than the cost of scaffolding for a single tile. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Very impressive drone too.

Found the hole and a brave man with a long ladder and voila, as they say in France.


I've also trained as a guide for the lodge building which is Bath’s Old Theatre Royal. interesting. However, I've had a hacking cough for the last five weeks and an eye infection so I've yet 'to perform'. 


Lastly I broke my glasses a few days ago so dug out my prescription (from a few years ago) and hit Amazon. Have you wondered why the glasses are so cheap? Even the £30 ones? Well, I reckon it’s because the lenses are made by apprentices. Some bits are OK but not the whole lens. Serves me right. Eyesight test booked so I’ll but some proper ones soon but in the meantime my posting will be intermittent until I can see what I'm doing.


Modelling? Coming up…

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So where are the B-17s?

On the bench, where I left them, obviously.


52045154133_8ebae0ffaa_w.jpg 52045150613_0e9dac67d9_w.jpg


So I need to re-read my posts and get my head (back) around these:




Going out tomorrow but I feel some mojo returning so hopefully some progress soon.

We're probably handing over the models next month so no pressure…

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