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Markings on Yemen's Il-28s

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Trawling through facebook, I found an interesting picture of an Il-28 in Yemeni markings (not sure which Yemen, 'though...).

Now that I've dug up my stash of Tamiya 1/100 Il-28s, I want to make one in these markings. Sadly, I cannot find any other photos of Yemeni Il-28s. Does anybody out there have any ideas as to what other markings/fin flashes/serials these aircraft may have had?





Thanks in advance for any help.


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All the information you need can be found in ‚Hot Skies over Yemen Vol.1‘ by Helion publishing. Cannot post without violating their copyright, but well worth the buy.

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Hi @Blimpyboy,


according to "Hot Skies over Yemen Vol.1" South Yemen had 4 Il-28 (one bomber, one Il-28R recce machine and two Il-28U trainer). The bomber had serial "714" and had the fin flash (see Boman's first link) in the usual position. It is not clear from the very few photos if they had roundels on the wings.


If you are interested I can scan you the relevant picture and colour profile from the Helion book. Just drop me an PM.




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