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1/48 Airfix P40 Warhawk- Something a little different

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Hi folks 


Here's my most recent completion that I wanted to share with you all. 


This is Airfix's 48th Scale P40B Warhawk finished in the markings of the Royal Egyptian Air Force from 1942. 


I wanted something a little different and as I have an interest in the war in the desert this was definitely that. 


I have riveted the kit and created masks for the insignia. Other than that the build is out of the box. 


Painted with Mr Hobby lacquers, priner was AK filler and microphone in grey and weathering was abteilung oils and flory washes. Aerial wire is by uschi van der rosten. 


I'm happy with the way this one turned out and it looks good with my desert Mk V spit. 


As always feedback is greatly appreciated. 


Enjoy the photos 























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2 hours ago, Zigomar said:

It seems you missed the two hatches at the wing root which are the access to the fuel tank. best regards.

Thanks for the pointer. I did use scale plans and don't recall seeing anything on there otherwise they would have been in. 


I can live with them not being there though. 

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1 hour ago, Farmerboy said:

Quality finish, super smooth paint job and lovely subtle weathering, good job!

Perfectly said and I do agree!

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