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Hi all. I'm new to the forum and I've been building a 1/16 King Tiger for 18 years I kid you not. I am looking to build a base and have seen some foam bases. What do you recommend. I want to position it in rough terrain. Half sunk in water. I've seen what I think is foam. How do you prepare it to paint on? Is this what people tend to use? Thanks 

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Get some of the builders insulation foam, its fine grained so can be cut easily. I've just finished a base were i pressed air drying clay over the foam to form the textured groundwork but for 1/16 you'll need alot of clay so maybe  you'd be better using something like claycrete (basically paper mache). Plenty of good tutorials on youtube to check out. I like to mix dried soil from the garden with paint and pva as a final layer to add loads of texture to the goundwork.

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