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Hunter F.6, XG209/C, Combat Fighter School, RAF West Raynham, 1961

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This is a great little kit which fits together really well and requires little filler. The decals are excellent with two nice RAF markings to choose plus a RNethAF example.


I chose the CFS as I liked the contrasting yellow markings plus they were based at West Raynham which is pretty close to my mum’s!

I built this oob except for the masking tape seat belts and a slight change of serial number. I built XG209 instead of 204 as the latter was subsequently lost. This is my first attempt with gloss camo spray instead of satin. The yellow took quite a bit of masking and touching up!




















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Thanks chaps. That yellow did take some work but mostly because of seepage under the masking tape. I since learned a tip from @Selwyn to paint over the edge of the tape after masking the yellow once dry to seal it then paint the camo on. 

@binbrook87 the Javelin is the Novo one, with the Freightdog FAW8 resin nose. That took some fettling too!

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Nice Hunter,

The Hunter is a big favourite of mine. Regarding yellow and other low opacity hues such as dayglow orange, I find that underpinning with matt white is the best solution. White has a higher opacity it seems and can cover well. The yellow or orange then show their true colour once sparayed over the top.



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