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EoN Eton TX.1 or Slingsby Grasshopper TX.1

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The other week I received the new Special Hobby 1/72nd kit of this subject and that prompted me to seek out my built but unfinished Huma 1/72nd kit of the SG.38.  So to see what I could do with the Huma one I used the rigging diagrams of the SH kit and sought out alternative serial number to make a different one as in the kit.  This is the result:


I used invisible mending thread for all the rigging and it took three attempts to get it right(ish)

All decals from my various spares and generic sets for the serial number. The yellow 't' band is also from some wider decal stipe set.

The rigging was eased by the fact that holes where they pass through were already there .... very convenient... I saved breaking my dwindling stock of fine drills!



Silver dope effect was from matt aluminium paints by AK. Seat straps form masking tape.


I did think od foing it as the Shuttleworth airworthy example but I had no idea how I was going to replicate the 'see through' effect of the fabric areas. I know it can be done and have seen this done very well on other types here.  I have to confess, I didn't add the control cables .... far too fiddly and risk of ruining the model.

Maybe I might try on the SH kit.

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  • Paul J changed the title to EoN Eton TX.1 or Slingsby Grasshopper TX.1
9 minutes ago, Lord Riot said:

Exquisite model, and what a fabulous subject. It must be tiny in that scale!

Wingspan about 4 inches length around 3.

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Very nice.  Brings back memories of flying (hopping) one of these at the school playing field just after getting my gliding wings when I was in the CCF.

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