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HELP PLEASE - Aircraft involved in Detection of, Chase, and Sinking of the Bismarck (Operation Rheinübung)

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Hoping someone can help.

I am a former Fleet Air Arm Sea King pilot (1978-1990) and have been a volunteer at Morayvia (Morayvia.org.uk) for the last few years.


We are intended to put on a display about the hunt for, and sinking of the Bismarck for the forthcoming 80th anniversary of this event. It is hoped for the display to be part of Morayvia's exhibits, assuming we can open this season, and/or a virtual (www.morayvia.org.uk/virtual-morayvia-experience) exhibit. Whilst the display will be concerned mainly with the Coastal Command involvement, given Morayvia's links to RAF Kinloss, as the "token" (tame?) ex RN/FAA representative, I have volunteered (been co-opted?) to research/collate/present the RN/FAA or should that be Naval Aviation involvement in the Bismarck operation.


Within the display/exhibit we intend to have a "What They Were Like To Fly (In)" section. Because of this I am looking for photocopies/or scans of the "A View From The Cockpit" articles that used to be part of aircraft type articles in the earlier days of Air Enthusiast (when it was a monthly) then Air International. The whole article would be useful too.


The aircraft types that I am trying to find articles for are;





Martin Maryland






Early Photo Recce Spitfire - though I am guessing there was never a specific article for these.


I have several (too many?) books, and a full set of AE & AI magazines to which I could refer, but thanks to a much delayed house move they are in storage and unavailable, hence this request.


It is not the intention to display the articles. Those of us creating this display/exhibit are all ex-aircrew/pilots and want to use them to get a feel for "What They Were Like To Fly (In)" so that we can try to pass this on. It is intended to have "scripts" ready by mid-April so I regret that time is starting to press.


Hoping that someone or more may be able to help.


Sincerely, Iain

former Lt. RN. 814, 819, 826 & 706 NAS's

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Trying to catch more responses/help
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Afraid I am separated from my references for the foreseeable future but I can tell you where you will find some of what you are looking for.


Swordfish II: Air International Mar 1979 pp. 136-7, Air Enthusiast 40 pp. 62-3, Brown: Wings of the Navy pp. 8-9

Walrus II: Air Enthusiast 17 pp. 22-3

Fulmar I:  Air International Aug 1979 pp. 78-9, Brown: Wings of the Navy pp. 72-3, Fitzsimmons: Fighters of WW2 Part 1pp. 26-7

Martin Maryland: none?

Sunderland III: Air International Sep 1981 pp. 128-9, RAF Yearbook 1980 pp. 66-7.

PBY-5A Catalina: Air Enthusiast 38 pp -89, RAF Yearbook 1980 pp. 70-1

Bristol Beaufort I: Air International Nov 1978 pp.232-3, RAF Yearbook 1981 pp. 70-1

Hudson I: RAF Yearbook 1981 pp. 66-7

Spitfire PR: none that I am aware of but Spitfire PR.IV was based on the Spitfire V.  Spitfire Vb: Air International Sep 1976 pp. 138-9, RAF Yearbook 1975 pp.16-7, Swanborough/Green: RAF Fighters Part 3 pp. 12-3 and many more.


I expect they've all been pirated online nowadays.


Hope this helps.



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Hello Seahawk,

Thank you for the reference list.


As mention, I do not have access to my book & magazine collection.


I currently have no income. Whilst I have bought a couple of downloads on-line I am very much trying to avoid spending money particularly when I already have what I am looking for but cannot get to it.


Hence this request on Britmodeller.


Perhaps I should have given my request a catchier title?


Thank you again.


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  • TMMNET changed the title to HELP PLEASE - Aircraft involved in Detection of, Chase, and Sinking of the Bismarck (Operation Rheinübung)

I think @Ex-FAAWAFU might be interested in this, he's currently building a large (ish) Ark Royal with full air wing at the time of the Bismark action and is an ex Sea King steerer himself.


Good luck.



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Hello Dave,

Thank you for the suggestion.


While I will try and contact @Ex-FAAWAFU, being a "Newbie" I am not sure how this is done.


Could you perhaps give him a heads up?


Thanks again, Iain

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If you click on the @Ex-FAAWAFU it will take you to his profile, below the name are a couple of icons, one being an envelope. Click on the envelope and it will open up a page where you can send him a Private Message (often referred to as PM in posts). 

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19 hours ago, TMMNET said:

As mention, I do not have access to my book & magazine collection.

Yes, I got that.  I was hoping to help others find the articles for you with the minimum of effort.

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