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F-RSIN Languedoc 1/144

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Unusually for me I planned my years intended builds by looking at the Britmodeller group builds for the 2021 and worked out which ones I wanted to join. So here is my second non injection GB entry - a F-RSIN resin kit of the lovely post war Languedoc airliner in Air France colours. My plan hopefully coming together later in the year with another 144 airliner for the French Fancy GB, again in Air France colours.


So here we have it - simple looking kit with minimal number of parts 


Box and decals




Fuselage and winds - two pieces - bonus!




And lastly white metal props, brass tube undercarriage and resin tail plane. 




The fuselage and wings are fine smooth resin and hopefully I will add some subtle panel lines to add interest.


Done no real research yet but hoping to put this recently acquired kit together quickly and test out the new airbrush on the all important paint scheme - all silver, so preparation is everything!







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Not much time spent modelling this week but here is Sunday afternoon progress.


I carefully aligned the wings and fuselage and went for it with the 'sets too quickly' superglue gel. Tailplane on as well.

Then filled the big gaps which will be sanded back and no doubt filled and sanded before an acceptable concealment of the joins is achieved. Using Humbrol filler, which gets a bad name, but seems to be sand-able and not too hard or too soft. No idea if it should be used with resin but it appears to adhere well.....










Next is a small quandry - use the, I think, mis-shaped stabilisers or make some new to right size and shape?


I dont have any plans of the Languedoc, but comparing with kit artwork and two profiles from the net....






Overall its coming together quickly - sand and prime next week hopefully




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That's coming along nicely! :thumbsup:


Particularly the putty, but you may need more than that for those vertical stabilizers.


I have their Comet 1 in the stash--it will be interesting...

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That's an interesting looking model and aircraft. Another manufacturer that I haven't heard of before, the resin looks to be not too bad, a wee bit of work required.


Yeap, prep is going to be everything for a silver finish. That filler should be ok, just make sure you give her a good undercoat and let it set/sit for a couple of day just to ensure there is no shrinkage with the filler, can be an issue especially with resin models.


good luck with her will follow with interest.

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