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Eduard 1/48 Fw 190 A-3 weekend edition

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Here’s another one off the production line.
Eduard 1/48 Weekend Edition Fw 190 A-3, ‘yellow 12’ based at Cherbourg, summer 1942








Kit decals came in a self adhesive plastic bag, which managed to eat one of the fuselage crosses, so all decals from EagleCals, set #173


4 attempts at the wing walk line decals failed so I’ve attempted them with paint & masking tape, they’re a bit too thick but I figure better than nothing at all


Comments & criticism welcomed

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Honestly that wing walk line is done very well. I often try and use the decals but end up unsatisfied with the results You've made the right choice. Wing root chipping is pretty neat too.

Did you also manage to get the correct colour for the prop? I usually always use black/rubber black because I can't be bothered with trying to get the right dark green/black tone.

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Posted (edited)

Yeah, I got RLM 70 Black/green by Hataka; I’m pretty sure Revell do a passable black/green too


i tried the hairspray technique for the chipping areas (wing roots & all leading edges) but the paints (Ammo by Mig) just wouldn’t sit on top of the hairspray, so I stripped it off & sprayed the camo colours straight onto primer, then used a very dry, hacked down brush using Revell 99 Aluminium. Seemed a bit OTT at the time just by the cockpit but seems ok now


sprayed a mix of Tamiya XF1 & XF10 for the exhaust stains & gun stains, probably not really visible on these photos. I’m not convinced the undercarriage legs have the right rake & lean-in but to me it looks like a Butcher Bird so it’ll do

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