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Schlachtflieger! Halberstadt CL.II, Mirage 1/48

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Halberstadt CL.II


This is the Schlachtflieger Halberstadt CL.II in 1/48, a Mirage kit with add-ons and a lot of scratch work.


This is one of my models with bigger effort due to decals and the complicated paint job. The kit provide a great level of detail with many parts, but some of them has a bad fit.

Since I was not able to work with the kit decals I cut masks (with Silhouette plotter) and airbrushed most of the markings. There are two variants of decals for the fuselage mottling in the kit, but I followed the recommendation by WNW and airbrushed the fuselage with very low pressure.
The model was painted with primer and metal paints from Alclad, others are MrPaint, Tamiya and Gunze. Wood work and a very light weathering was done with oil paints.


The wing decals are Aviattic, with individual cut rib tapes. This was a lot of work ...
Another used accessories are Gaspatch turnbuckles and airspeed indicator, a Master sets completed the Eduard set for the Parabellum and the Spandau MG.
Airscrew, tail skid and details like the aerial spool for the copper wire are made from real wood. All the struts, undercarriage and tank are metal parts. All connections are enhanced with metal pins.


I spend a huge effort on this project and worked from beginning of January until now on this aircraft.

And no, this is not the WNW kit ;)



























Now I'm curious to here about your opinion!


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Beautiful, really nice work

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This is absolutely stunning,a really lovely looking model.

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Beautiful work. That paint scheme is no joke and you have pulled it off perfectly. The struts for the landing gear are particularly impressive.



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Curious about my opinion? How about this;
Fantastic build!

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Posted (edited)

Thank you all fro your nice comments! :worthy:


On 3/22/2021 at 12:44 PM, Matt Parvis said:

The struts for the landing gear are particularly impressive.

I have done this on my recent models, after replacing nearly always the struts with metal or wood, depending on original aircraft. It increases the robustness  a lot which is needed for safe transport with car to exhibitions (I hope this pandemic times are over soon!). On this particular model it was even more important due to very filigree kit parts. Some of them was already broken on sprue :shocked:


On 3/22/2021 at 7:53 PM, Zigomar said:

Oh a new WnW"

Ok, the WNW Halberstadt is a nice kit, but the detailing not on that level. :giggle: :coolio:




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