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Ages ago I started a model of Sir Keith Park's Hurricane that he flew before and through the Battle of Britain.  I've finally gotten around to taking the finished photos today.

The build is here - 

The model is based on the Airfix rag wing kit married to Alleycat's tin wing conversion.  Even with the advent of Arma Hobby's Hurricane kits this is still a valid way of producing the model as the early tin wing aircraft did not have one of the panels depicted on the Arma Hobby kit.  

The wheels are 5 spokes from an Eduard spitfire kit and the tyres from an Arma Hobby kit.  The canopy is also from an Arma Hobby kit, this being a better representation than the over tall Airfix rendition.

Paint is Mr Hobby Aqueous weathered with Flory washes and oils.

Decals are from the kit, DK Decals and Avialogy.

Many thanks to all those who chipped in on the build especially, as ever, Troy Smith.

2021-03-20-12-16-49-002 2021-03-20-12-17-13-003 2021-03-20-12-17-38-004 2021-03-20-12-18-03-005 2021-03-20-12-18-24-006 2021-03-20-12-18-50-007 2021-03-20-12-19-06-008 2021-03-20-12-20-16-010 2021-03-20-12-20-42-011 2021-03-20-12-23-44-013


2021-03-20-12-26-38-015 2021-03-20-12-27-30-017 2021-03-20-12-38-10-023 2021-03-20-12-38-53-024


It was originally going to be part of a display of models related to the Battle of Britain film.  However, I've now decided that I'll build a model of Park's Malta Spitfire and put the two on a base together hopefully later this year.


Having helped my son with some fencing earlier this year he gave me a couple of bottles of beer as a thank you.  One of these goes rather well with this model 



Think I'm on Spitfire tonight, though it's a Lancaster on the bench.

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Superb outcome, Andy! This is a great model and it'll look excellent alongside Park's Malta Spitfire.


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Think I might open a bottle of Spitfire Ale (yes you can get it here in NZ) to toast your excellent model.  Keith Park came from Thames just up the road from me.


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Nicely done,.... a great tribute to a national hero,.... both here in the UK and in his native New Zealand and he should be in Malta too. 



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Lovely work. A real stunner.


Just needs a little Trevor Howard figure in white flying suit and helmet...😄

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