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Hello to all you modelling types!

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Firstly, thanks for letting me in.....Britmodeller.com was coming up a lot whenever I googled kit reviews and other info, and it was one thing leading to another!

About me...Well I'm OLD...Certainly the wrong side of sixty, and did my first Airfix kits when they were in plastic bags. Did shedloads from about '65 for a good few years,

Until I discovered girls...

I've made some kits in between, but pretty much had a twenty year gap...Love what's happened in between, all the detailing, weathering, P.E. fantastic...

I can't wait to pick it up. There will be NEWBIE questions...(Forgive me)

And, yes I AM a "Red Dwarf" fan..😉

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Welcome from another Airfix Plastic Bag modeller.

Haven’t things come on ?



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