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Tamiya 1/35 BMW R75 with Sidecar (MM116)

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Tamiya's 1972 release, one from their Flintstones era.


The bike and sidecar build up cleanly and hold up pretty well. Could do with brake levers and you could always add some cables.


The figures? They're OK, but a product of their time, a bit stiff and toylike.












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Excellent work. One of my all time favourites, although It always bothered me that Tamiya didn't do the down pipes from the cylinder heads. Italeri's was a lot better, but more fiddly.


I love how you've done the figures - just tipping the sidecar bloke to one side injects a bit of life. 

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I think I built that when I was 15. I even added cables and the downpipes as per Military Modelling magazine. 


Even then it was disappointing at the the lack of some details. 


Nice job on it though. 👍

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