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EMD SD40-2 Pan Am Railway

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Another HO train model. I used an Athearn Blue Box un decorated and un powered kit to do this.

The decals are by Highball Graphics and the paint was Tamiya TS-15. Pan Am was previously known as

Guilford Rail System, Maine Central and B&M (Boston&Maine).---John





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Crazy Crank that reminds me of an article from The Weekly World News I read in the

80s, a French astronomer had discovered a steam locomotive orbiting Earth! Thanks

for the compliments, this is actually my favorite, a locomotive from my home region

in western Massachusetts.---John



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Thanks John

Your's (EMD-SD40-2) Ā is of course a diesel engine locomotive, but the shapes it has are rather similar with the more recent steam locomotives which were in serviceĀ 60Ā years ago, and generate again and always the same nostalgia, contrary to recent ones.


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