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Masking between upper and lower wing areas

Tony Davis

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Hope this is the correct forum.


I am looking for a guide to masking off the division between the upper and lower wing surfaces for airbrushing, initially on a 1/72 Spit. Should I just put masking tape on "sideways" around the wing edges, or would that bleed? Also, sometimes the upper surface colour "wraps around" the wing edge to the underside, so how to tackle that?


Any other tips I should be aware of?





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I use thing strips of masking tape along the length of the leading and trailing edges - wrapping round the leading edge as required. To avoid bleeding

 - use good quality tape (e.g. Tamiya) and make sure the tape edges are clean

- burnish the edge after applying (I rub the edge down with a rounded wooden dowel, but a paint brush handle would probably do)

- when spraying, don't use too high a pressure, use light coats and don't spray into the edge - keep the airbrush at 90 degrees to the surface




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