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Stack cutting plasticard ?

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Has any of you chaps some ideas on the following...

I'm wanting to "stack cut" say six 1mm evergreen styrene sheets to create and ensure six identical flat, shaped components in one go as it were.

I'm wondering if anyone can suggest a good and accessible way of sticking the sheets together for cutting, that can then be separated without too much drama.

The final shapes are only circa 2½ ins by 1 ins so not massive.

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I use a NWSL Chopper for such tasks. It includes fence and mitre capabilities to make repetitive cuts. As it relies on a single-edge razor blade, it can't cut too thick a material.


IMHO, trying to stack the material and cut as a single operation would likely result is miscuts under the top layer. 

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I have a Silhouette Portrait device. I use Inkscape to create the line drawings and a plugin (https://github.com/fablabnbg/inkscape-silhouette) to directly drive the cutter from Inkscape. This is great for Firsket and masking tape. As for plastic, my 1st-gen device can only cut very thin plastic; the newer models are supposed to do much better. Here's a simple wheel mask I recently did along with a shot of the plugin



And here are the sheet parts for a Mark 21-2 mount I did for a 1/48 LCM


And the resulting parts (the mounts elevate and depress)


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