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Fokker G-1 interior colours?


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Title says it all. While I'm waiting to see if my Beaufort will arrive, I'll make a start on the Micromir Fokker G_! 1/72. Unfortunately, Micromir includes no instruction whatsoever on the interior colours. Light Grey is the best guess at the moment. I know some of you have built the 1/48 one and there is a replica in the Netherlands so any advice is welcome.

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It's easy all the colors are here.😆




I am happy with them and the interior color is also included. I used them for Fokker 21.

REALLY GREAT COLORS for plastic kit builders.


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Micromir's 1/48 kit just says Light Grey. If HTK-C201 is correct then it is equal to FS16515. This means you have the choice between:

  • Mr.Paint MRP-363
  • Humbrol 147
  • Xtra Colour X150
  • LifeColour UA043

Hope this helps!




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