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Mirage F1AZ SAAF - Italeri/ Scaleworx 1/48

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27 minutes ago, Avgas said:



Now I'm sure that Greg is a fine and upstanding fellow, but I am not he 😉



Apologies, post corrected...lol

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Great work, Werner! I love those shots of the very "bombed up" aircraft in their dispersals ;). They are just my kind of configuration :). Good luck with the rest of the build :)





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an urgent, but still small update here as well after finishing the other F1 in the Desert Storm GB and a STUG III in the P III GB.... :phew:



Scalework provides you with new lower stab fins incl some chaff/ flare dispensers unique to the South African Mirage F1 fleet. (I am not sure if the C version also has them though!) In addition you get some outlets and engine cooling inlets



not sure what to do with the canopy as of yet... leave it shut (easier with the Vacu form part) would mean I have to finish the pit first.... hmmmm


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Good to see your returned progress on this one B) 

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as our GB was extended :thumbsup: good that I started painting yesterday!


the grey color is a bit of a puzzle to me, as it looks like dark nearly gunship grey to very weathered light aircraft grey. some PUR blue should also be involved....depending on those old photos and light conditions of course.... Humbrol 230 is suggested by scaleworx...


whatever, first shot:



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