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USAAF-RAF cowling fasteners in 1/48

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41 minutes ago, Bozothenutter said:

Do they exist?

I can find plenty of Luftwaffe fasteners, no Allied ones.....

Hmm, well, you can find Luftwaffe officers mess paper doilies I should imagine.....  sorry, my inner cynic speaks.


Memory tells me the most common type cowl fasteners on RAF /USSAF type are circular, as opposed to the German latch type, so are considerably easier to replicate by use of tools like beading tools or thin metal tube. 



see here for details, beading tool like the above can be got on ebay cheap, 



fro example, they used to be like £5 though....




Finally, I'd suggesting editing the thread heading to 'Do aftermarket cowl fasterners exit for RAF/USAAF types in 1/48' as that is what you are asking.



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