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Thunder City Lightnings

Darth Vader

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What happened to the Thunder City Lightnings in Cape Town SA?

Last I heard was the silver 2seater ( cant remember the serials ) crashed killing Dave Stock and the fleet was grounded. Poor servicing practices led to the permit to fly being withdrawn ,but the black 2seater flew again some time later . Mike Beachyhead passed away and the whole outfit was up for sale. 

Are the airframes complete, where are they and are there any recent photos of them ? 

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I read before about the questionable maintainance record... but that report does not read well... :( 


as most of the time, not a single issues casued the tragic event, but a series of issues. quite ,any not minor though... maintaincance and pilot induced....

is this still bad luck then? 


really sad in any way, concolences to the family!

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6 hours ago, Rob998 said:

They’re for sale, again.




Good luck getting an airworthiness certificate for them anywhere other than ZA or maybe the US...


Agreed. The chances of getting a permit to fly for a supersonic swept wing jet that's fuel critical from the moment its wheels leave the ground is zero in most countries.

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I am afraid that any maintenance issues revealed at what was probably a very good operation will confirm that the Lightning cannot be operated anywhere. Having said that, I don't know what the status is of the Stennis two seater in the USA.



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