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Phantom FGR.2 XV411 Displays Pieces

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With the auctions over and model displays sent to the winning bidders, I can now safely post and share these images of my recent Phantom builds without contravening any forum rules or regs.


Using a section panel from the real XV411 as a display base, I built the following models to raise funds for the ZE360 Restoration. Using the Revell 1/48 kit, 2 Sqn and 92 Sqn builds were created showing the earlier camo design and latter air defence grey. A certificate of authenticity was also supplied by the British Phantom Aviation Group.


XV411 shared the burn area with ZE360 at Manston and has now been scrapped making these some of the last surviving sections of the aircraft.

















Thanks for looking.

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They both look great!


Also to your effort, I do hope you are the restoration project are happy with the result!

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