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Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn) 1/24? - WiP

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So I'm tentatively dipping my toes in the figure painting pool.  Never done it before so go easy on me, but at the same time throw any tips, corrections, or constructive criticism my way, I'm not easily offended and wont get any better without advice from those who know.


Picked this up on Ebay from China, listed as 'Future Shooter Girl', but clearly Aloy from the Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 game.



More pieces than I expected, but seems like a lot of detail at this size.



And two more than intended, took a bit of a knock somewhere.



But I'm already gluing loads of parts by design so what's two more?  Went back together not to badly, the break was jagged enough to help with alignment, but not excessively damaged.  Glued with Loctite Precision CA, the macro photo makes it look worse but will require a smidge of filler and some sanding



Next step is to clean up all the parts, but don't hold your breath guys as I finally managed to get my PS5 last Friday so modelling it taking a back seat temporarily :D


I'm doing lots of Google research on figure painting, and I have some proper dry brushing brushes on their way as we speak, but as I said up top all comments and tips for beginners welcomed, nay encouraged.



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Goodness me! You're kicking off with a complex figure.

That's not to say you shouldn't, of course. It's a decent sculpture, by the look of it, so should be a nice project.

It'll be interesting to see how this progresses.

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I shall be following this one.


Got to love China’s bare faced cheek ‘No Sony, this isn’t Aloy at all, this is Future Shooter Girl” 😀





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Thanks for the comments so far.


On 22/03/2021 at 14:29, Big Dave S said:

Goodness me! You're kicking off with a complex figure.


Umm yeah, starting to wonder if I have bitten off more than I can chew right now.  But time will tell.  Anywho, a few images but not a lot of progress.  Random square nubbin on the sole of one of the feet to sand off



With that done I began assembly and this is as far as I've got





I'm thinking now is a good time to do most of the filling and sanding of joins before attaching the right arm with the delicate bow on.  The base arrived from Ebay



Quick mock up to get the position of the pin sorted, which is actually a trimmed down staple



Which then had a layer of black primer to to give a good base for the paint (the black was easier to see full coverage than grey over grey), then the light grey ready for some colours



I want to put some tufts of grass on it, but I only seem to be able to find pre-done ones in large quantities at the moment.  They aren't expensive but it seems a waste as I'm unlikely to do more than a couple of figures, unless of course I really enjoy it.  But cars, trucks, and sci-fi are my main interests for models at the moment.


For the small amount I need I could try making some up myself, something to mull over...

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Getting the fortnightly No.1 grade buzz cut, I often wonder if the arisings would make decent "scatter grass".

Just a thought.

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nicely posed!


For the grass one tip I picked up a good few years ago and always use for grass is to use jute garden twine, link below. Its a really simple and effective method plus it is a cheap alternative to the bought stuff which 9 times out of 10 looks really fake anyway



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Cool, no worries! :)


I used that technique on my first ever diorama when I switched to using an air brush and using more advanced techniques probably about 14ish years ago! 

Heres a link so you can see an example of the grass 



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So yesterday I was dying jute twine in various shades of very watered down Vallejo paint.  Nothing is final yet, but I quite like the middle two, the earthier green and the yellow.  The yellow might be too yellow, will see what it looks like thinned out into fibres.  Probably just use the untouched stuff for the brown dried grass.




Then today I had a go at painting the grass on the base.  Very happy with it for a first attempt, but if you have any feedback or advice it is more than welcome, I won't get any better without it :)


First was the base grass green, mixed similar to the twine I liked



Then a wash for the earthy dark spots with Vallejo Umber Wash, thinned even more with Vallejo Flow Improver to stop it drying too quickly where it wasn't required



Then dry brushed with my new Citadel dry brushes in three progressively lighter shades of green



Next job, the rocks.  All comments, constructive feedback and criticism welcome.  Thanks for looking.

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I'm intruiged by your twine grass - looks very promising. I tried a while ago, using coloured fake-fur for this. I clipped bunches of green, yellow and brown and mixed them up. Whilst the individual colours were a bit garish, they mixed together nicely. The best bit is that small samples (100mm x 100mm) are available on-line for about 50p each and provide enough for years of long grass.

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