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Wooden Barrels – Small & Medium (35632 & 35630) 1:35


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Wooden Barrels – Small & Medium (35632 & 35630)

1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models Ltd




Wooden barrels.  You don't see so many of them these days without flowers in them, but before mass-produced metal and plastic barrels became the de facto standard, they would have been much more prevalent where large quantities of anything needed to be stored.  Everyone’s thinking of beer right now, but they have been used for a great many things over the years, so they’re not only found in pubs and breweries.  These two sets give you a gaggle of styrene barrels in different sizes with various hoop patterns.  It is worthy of note that both sets also have plank grooves inside, so an empty barrel is just as realistic.  Each set arrives in a figure-sized end-opening box with six identical sprues in each one, plus a sheet of decals for stencilling of the painted barrels for the medium set.



Wooden Barrels (35632)

These should be referred to as small barrels by comparison to the size of the medium barrels, and each sprue contains three barrels, two smaller and one larger, with lids, spigots and anti-roll frames for each one.  In total you can make 18 barrels with or without the ancillaries.









Wooden Barrels Medium Size (35630)

These larger barrels are pretty substantial, and as a result only two are provided on each sprue, with a slight difference in size between them.  They are made in the same manner as the smaller ones with two halves and lids that fit into a groove round the tops and bottoms of the barrels.  Spiggots and stands are included too, and this set has decals for stencilling the lids.












Painting will be key, so check your references for examples before you start.  The wood used in barrels is very dense, so wouldn’t have the engraved marks that model companies add to create texture, which is correct.  Wood decals for ultimate in realism anyone?


Highly recommended.


Review sample courtesy of


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