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Valiant Wings Airframe & Miniature No16 The Hawker Hurricane.


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Purchased this book on preorder late last year from Valiant Wings and now having had a chance to read the book I have noticed that some pages are missing P. 113-128 and in their place pages 97-112 are duplicated.


I have contacted Valiant Wings about this and am awaiting their response.


Just curious if anyone else who has bought this book has had similar issues?

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Good morning. Just to set the record straight we responded to your query on Wednesday by return as we do with every enquiry. Text of return email as follows:


'We are aware that a few copies were misbound on press and slipped though into our deliveries back in December. These were not visible to us on delivery. As you may guess it is impossible for us to check several thousand copies at once and in any case quality control is in the hands of the printer.


All have been replaced by return and we have been compensated by the printer. I was hoping that by February we would have identified all affected copies.


Please send me images of the affected pages and we'll get a replacement copy to you.'


Our reply may have gone into your spam box so I recommend that you check it just in case. As requested, please send us images of the affected pages and we will get a replacement copy out to you by  return. If you can get this done over the weekend your replacement copy will go out on Monday. Please send the images directly to valiant-wings@btconnect.com


Hope this helps.


best wishes


Mark Peacock


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Unfortunately, this does happen, very occasionally. I bought a Sea Harrier book a few years ago, only to find out that around 14 pages were duplicated inside. I'm guessing this is poor quality-checking by the printers. I've also bought a Haynes manual on the German 88mm cannon which had the cover put on upside-down. Basic human error at work. 



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I had the same experience but after an exchange of e mails Mark quickly sorted it out for me and a new book appeared in the post for me.





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I replied to yor original email by return telling you that I did not have a camera and images would be a problem.


I eventually got someone, the post lady actually, and then there was the chew on to get it onto my pc especially in these covid times.


Anyway the images were emailed to you this morning, to the email address you emailed me from so if you haven't had my emails then I suggest that you check your junk folder.


My email is adamatpukkabundhooksdotcom.


It would be a lot easier if you had sent sent me a post paid return slip and I sent the offending book back to you.

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