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Vacform Lightning - I have no idea what I'm doing

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This is probably @Martians fault. The vacform tutorial build got me thinking about challenging myself to do something other than an injection moulded kit. I stick to 1:48 and almost always the end-of-the-cold-war through to modern era aircraft that I've seen at shows since my childhood. So there really isn't tons of choice in vacform, as soon as I saw the Lightning I knew it was the right one for me.


I don't normal go for the un-boxing type shots, but a lot of you might be as new as me to this form of modelling.


the box




 Unfortunately no longer with the etch or the redtops that have been redacted from the front 

The fuselage







Spine stiffener, belly stiffener and an over wing tank


Another tank



White metal parts for the undercarriage, cockpit, exhausts and nose.


injection moulded parts






and sticks attached to the bottom of the box




First job, as it says in the instructions is to read the instructions. I might have done this in excess of 30 times before I was brave enough to do anything. But eventually the time came.

I bought a new cutting mat


Outlined the fuselage halves with a fine pen and with my new #11, cut the fuselage out of the backing.







Sanding and more sanding until they fit together and also the nose and the exhausts fit snugly at opposite ends.







I have no idea how that ended up working so well.


Until next time.

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2 minutes ago, chrislowe said:

have no idea how that ended up working so well

We've all been there once. Especially when moving out of our modelling comfort zone.

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1 minute ago, Sturmovik said:

comfort zone.

I would remind you of the opportunity to enrol in the “Not my comfort zone” GB... :)


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I built the F1 before Airfix released their injection moulded one. It'll either be in the Coltishall or City of Norwich museum now - was a part of the RAF Coltishall history collection before we closed and things got dispersed. From recollection it went pretty well, but I'd cut my teeth on a few Dynavector kits by then.

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Good work so far

just take your time and test fit, test fit, test fit, before you glue. It builds into a nice kit. Airfix my have the nice recessed panel lines but lacks the correct width, its just too skinny. And there's no angles in the leading edge of the wings.



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On 3/10/2021 at 12:31 AM, chrislowe said:

I have no idea how that ended up working so well.

I have. Time, patience, care and general modelling skill. Very nicely done so far.


That’s a very nice looking kit; I haven’t seen one out of the box before. Those injection parts should help enormously when it comes to building the wings.


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Wow, Blast from the past !!


You are over the worse bit, the wings are designed to need very little thinning of the edges they 'drop' into the injection parts.


Keep at it nothing to fear in vac forms they're only plastic !!  


Must dig out a finished one to keep you going

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Keep at it mate, this was the very first built one to test fit the parts. Been rebuilt about three times. As some have said I think it captures  better the look of a lightning.....


Sorry the image is a bit blurred the model is packed away in the loft and hasn't seen the light of day for ten years  but retirement is looming  🙂


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