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Spitfire Mk.I Early & Late 3D SPACE Cockpit Sets (3DL48005 & 3DL48006 for Eduard) 1:48

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Spitfire Mk.I Early & Late 3D SPACE Cockpit Sets (3DL48005 & 3DL48006 for Eduard)

1:48 Eduard SPACE




Eduard have been busily treating us to new state-of-the-art kits of various types of Spitfire for a while now, with their jump back in time to the Mk.I a welcome addition to the line, and now we have a couple of 3D Printed instrument panels with Photo-Etch (PE) accessories to use instead of either the kit parts or traditional PE.  Eduard's new SPACE sets arrive in a flat resealable package, with different branding and a white backing card protecting the contents and the instructions that are wrapped around.



Spitfire Mk.Ia Early SPACE 3D Printed Cockpit Set (3DL48005)

Part of Eduard’s new range of combination 3D Printed decals with a pre-painted PE sheet to complement the details.  The 3D Printed sheet contains a brand-new one-piece instrument panel with glossy dial faces plus a number of dials, compass face and a few small placards.  The PE set has a quartet of four-point seatbelts with spool; a trigger for the control column; flare rack for the front of the seat; two-part seat armour for the pilot; rudder pedals with straps; canopy opener and rear-view mirror; cockpit hatch operating mechanism, and two tiny indicators on the wings for the pilot to check whether his gear is down or not, to avoid embarrassing belly-flop landings.







Spitfire Mk.Ia Late SPACE 3D Printed Cockpit Set (3DL48006)

At first glance this set is identical to the Early set above, but if you look really hard at the panel, there are a couple of small rectangular items in the mid-right that are a different colour.  That’s all I could spot in a side-by-side comparison, but let it not be said that Eduard don't differentiate between the smallest details.  You might also have noticed that the PE sheets are the same for both sets.








3D Printed panels are very impressive, and Eduard’s 3D Printing method really lends itself to these WWII birds, so the resulting panels are believable, simple and realistic, backed up by the PE extras that give you a little more depth around the rest of the cockpit.


Highly recommended.


Review sample courtesy of


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