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P-51D Mustang [1/48 Eduard]

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It is useless to present this beautifull kit

I already build one in a british scheme wit the shark mouth


This time I choosed a more classical US scheme

I have the royal class box and I choosed the plane of the 506th FG





I started with the coc;kpit












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Next step : the wheels bays

I've already make the mask for the paint with a first P-51D


Like my first eduard P-51 some pieces of the wheels bay are bended

It is the G32 and G35 pieces

I start the glue by the center of the part with Tamya Extra Thin quick Glue.

With this method I have no problem to assemble the wheels bay








In the same time I close the cockpit.
And the tomorrow, I see a great error ! I forgot to set the radiator in the fuselage.

Luckily I was able to put it in place




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I wish they would pantograph this kit down to 1/72.  Do it Eduard!  Before Arma Hobby eat your lunch!  🙂


The Enchantress is an excellent subject (a favourite of mine); the bold green, the leading edge stripes, and the twin wooden antennae-- and that silky confection with the legs 😍-- really set her apart from the quotidian ETO Mustang.  The enchantress artwork was inspired by a Varga pinup in the October 1943 Esquire magazine.  I remember reading a claim that it was the most popular nose art motif on US aircraft of the day, though one wonders who exactly kept statistics on that detail.  Copies are available on that big auction site if you're interested.


Sadly, 44-72671 and pilot were lost with many others, in the 1 June 1945 "Black Friday" weather disaster.  😟  Terrible stuff.


Have you chosen a green?  I laid in a tin of Xtracolour Willow Green in anticipation of modelling this bird someday.

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2 hours ago, Jackson Duvalier said:

Have you chosen a green?  I laid in a tin of Xtracolour Willow Green in anticipation of modelling this bird someday.


I choosed the color give by the instructions : the Gunze C135 color


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Little news from the front


I always hate to paint the aluminium

This paint can't support any defect and is very fragile


With this Mustang, I was well serv by the paint.

I never make so much paint retouch


Howerver the pains was starting well


I start with the wing paint in "aluminium" alcad paint.

After I started the fuselage with the valeja Metal Color paint.

After I wanted to paint in burn metal the pieces around exhaust pipe. And my problem start too.


I demasked and some pieces of aluminium paint rest on the mask !

I tried top correct by some retouch but the result was very ugly




I decided to repaint the nose




With this process I lost the paint uniformity and I decided to paint some panels in an other aluminium paint
I decided to paint the national marks and serials.

I made the mask and paint there. Everithing was going well untill I see the mask for the wing was setting in the wrong way !






The star look not in the center of the blue round

Two option offer to me : repaint all the wing or try to paint only the upper round.

I choose the second but lost uniformity of the wing paint :(


forntunaly for me, the serials paint are less annoying















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The decals


No major problem for the set of decals.
I have only some decals who have disintegrate but there were more and the principal decals haven't been damaged


I think the decals of this box is too thin and must be set with a great attention to avoid some damage on it














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