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1/350 IMEX Thunderbirds 2

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Hi folks, I am calling this TB-2 build done. However, it probably will finish up in the docking bay diorama when I get round to it. It was a fairly straight forward build, apart from the decals which were well past there sell-by date!

I had to spray them with GX 100 clear to stop them from breaking up. They took about 30 minutes to start to come away from the backing paper and that was only because I teased them off with the help of a scalpel blade, sliding it under the decal a bit at a time. Then they left a huge amount of carrier film around them, they look worse in the photos than they do in person. I decided in the end to fill the windows with UV resin, as in this scale they just looked odd without them.

The rear exhausts are covered in a wraparound sticker that the kit provided, I used it as the colours looked accurate and it would have been fiddly to paint all the stripes and get a better colour match. Also, the wide stripe over the back of the cockpit was a kit sticker, but it was yellow which looked too bright, so I painted it over with a cream birch colour, which I believe is more accurate to the filming model.

The number 3 Elevator car was used in the Fireflash episode; it malfunctioned and was replaced by car number 2 if memory serves me right. FAB everyone!

Paints used
1500 black surface primer / rapid thinner
Super Metallic iron 2
Aqueous H6 Green / h16 yellow green / rapid thinner
Scalecolor Birch / Iroko
Starship Filth enamel wash
AK Dust effect wash
Mig Metal Slag pigment
Hataka Matt clear / Rapid thinner
Gundam Marker gun metal GM22


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All the childhood memories of Sunday afternoon in the 1960s come flooding back.Beutifull model ,with its tractor units deploying to save fireflash .Excellent well done.

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