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Last of the last---Bf109K-4

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This is the last 109 build for me for a while, still have a G-14 but I am saving that for a future

group build and I really need to finish up my airliners. This is OOB except for EagleCal decals for

white 6. Here is the start.---John






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Now to bring it up to date. The tail wheel doors were cut off and glued shut then sanded. Cockpit built

and added to the fuselage. I then painted the wheel wells and assembled the wings, added those to the

fuselage and then added the dropped slats and flaps. Today I finished masking and sprayed the RLM 76.---John








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I used Tamiya Luftwaffe light blue, Tamiya Nato Green and ran out of Tamiya gray so I found Model Master primer

gray an almost exact match. All are lacquer spray, dries in 10 minutes or less.---John


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It's on it's "feet". I am going to decal it before I finish with the small breakable bits, mass balance, pitot tube, antenna etc.---John


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Very little decalling left. a few small parts then I can dull cote, add the antenna wire and

I'm still debating weathering it.---John


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The decals are on, dull cote done I added the small IFF antenna to the right bottom edge of the fuselage and

painted the wing lights. Just need to rig the antenna wire.---John



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