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"Building the Special Hobby Tempest in 1/32 Scale" from KLP Publishing

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I’m pleased to announce that our latest eBook title, Building the Special Hobby Tempest Mk V in 1/32 Scale by Chuck Sawyer, is now available!




In this book, Chuck undertakes a forensic examination of the Special Hobby Tempest Mk V kit, and uses the Barracuda resin nose upgrade set to enhance the model. He leads you through all the pitfalls of construction, and of integrating the resin nose and propellor into the kit. We’ve included tutorials on decanting spray cans for airbrushing, achieving a flawless, high-gloss base coat, and working with HGW’s Wet Transfer decals.




Chuck’s build is highly instructive, and will be invaluable to anybody wishing to build the Special Hobby Tempest.


The book can be purchased from our website at the link below for a measly 16 Australian dollars!




Cheers, and thanks as always to our loyal and growing customer base for your continued support.




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