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I was thinking to make some rally quattros in my collection.

As far as I am aware of there are some variations in these cars.


quattro Gr 4/Gr B car

This was original car for 1981-82. And was used in full season and for my understanding this car have normal fenders.

During season -81 team scored three wins in world championship level.

This car was also moved to Gr.B and was used basically in same specification in season -82.

Engine was 2145cc and produced around 300 hp, depends from who you ask.


quattro A1

This was first update based on group B rules. This car was with aluminum engine still same size as original engine.

Engine was something like 20 kg lighter than original one.

This car had wider fenders than original. Cars main problem was that it went just to over 3000 cc class and minimum weight was 1100kg.



That leads us to this version. This version have new engine get it 2500-2999 class. Lot of kevlar was used for panels etc

Rear arch was widened and there were new type of air cooling for rear breaks. In this car also oil cooler was moved to rear spoiler.


Sport quattro

Idea of this version was make lighter car and basically this was done shortening car 320mm, Drivers were not fully happy about car's handling.

Car was now producing something like 450 hp.

There was later quattro S1/E2 was the final rally version with huge wings.


Now to my question.

So what is best kit different versions? I have heard that Italeri is close to Gr.4 car, but I have never seen this kit myself. I built Tamiya many moons ago.

That have a oil cooler in rear wing, but I have a feeling that it's don't have a wider body kit. Is only way to do correct A2 using Renaissance trans-kit? And how about A1.

For Sport quattro I think answer is this: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10693603

And for E2 Beemax kit.


What are your opinions?

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The Tamiya rally quattro is a 1982 Group 4 car , driven by Michelle Mouton.  This was the first kit I built when I was 13 or 14 . It's still in the cabinet , on display . 

  In the stash is a Beemax S1 and there is a group B Sport , also by Beemax , released any time now . My experience of Beemax / Aoshima kits is very good , with no build problems and great decals . 

  Hope this helps Vesa . 

  Gary . 


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I visited today in local hobby shop and there was Italeri quattro and I picked that. Car is without air intakes in rear fenders and no  oil cooler inside spoiler. So clearly this kit is for Gr.4 early Gr.B car.

Looks that basic measurements are right. Kit itself is very basic. No engine and all transmission parts are integrated in floor panel.

Good part is that there is full roll cage and decal sheet looks good.  Now I need to think how to approach this build what I will correct and what is left as it is.

And before someone mentions Revell, it is re-boxed Italeri.

And start to solve A1 and A2 versions.


@Windy37 Thanks for your comments. I agree with you that Tamiya is closer to Gr.4, but there is oil cooler inside spoiler and that is Gr.B feature.

I also know that race cars are under constant development so also this kind of combination is possible. I will get some Rallycourse books next week and I hope I can find some clues from those.



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This Haynes manual is a good reference book on all rally Quattros  , explains all the versions simply and has good detail photos . Available at from the usual outlets ! 
Might help you out Vesa . 
 Gary . 

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The oil cooler moving up under the higher rear spoiler was homologated for Gr.4 in October 1981, and the Tamiya kit depicting Michèle Mouton's car from Acropolis 1982 (if my memory is correct) is quite OK in that matter.

See the additions made in page 31 and 32 for the new oil cooler:



I have never seen the Italeri kit IRL, but I have several project going (sleeping) based on Tamiya kits; -81 and -82 Gr. 4 and -83 Gr. B A2 and a few S1 E2 projects, all of them tarmac spec. for Corsica or similar events.


I know of no A1 body shells in 1/24, and the only A2 available I think is Renaissance, which I have not seen IRL. For my own A2 I'm using the resin body shell that Roman Chirov, who sadly passed away some time ago and left us far too early, made some 10 years ago in smaller numbers.


We can expand on Quattro's, of which I am no expert but just enthusiastic, but now dinner and another bottle of wine is calling...



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25 minutes ago, Vesa Jussila said:

@Bengalensis This is what you will get from Italeri, as I wrote above quite basic kit:


The Tamiya kit is fairly basic too, not too different in that regard. I have no unstarted rally kit left to photograph, but the contents can be seen here:


My experience of Italeri and Tamiya would make me think the Tamiya might be a little sharper and slightly more precise in details, but usually quite expensive today in comparison.

The standard road version from Tamiya contains the low rear spoiler and flat grille for making an early Gr.4 version.


As for creating a Gr.B A1 I would think it's quite easy to back date a Renaissance A2 shell.

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@Vesa Jussila Here are my LWB Quattro projects, all Michèle Mouton/Fabrizia Pons, all Tour de Corse.


1981 Gr.4 , Tamiya base, resin wheels from Roman Chirov.




1982 Gr.4 , Tamiya base, resin wheels from Roman Chirov.




1983 Gr.B , Tamiya base with Roman Chirov's A2 resin shell, BBS wheels and fans 3D-printed.



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